Founded in Dec, 2015, Beijing Hopewise International Trading Co., Ltd specializes in the frozen meat import and distribution. We distribute products to provinces and areas all over China and have stable cooperation with regional trustworthy partners.

    With a turnover of 2 billion RMB, Hopewise mainly involves in the import of frozen pork and beef products. Import poultry and seafood take small proportion of the product portfolio. We work directly with big packers. On pork side, we build up good cooperation with Smithfield, Tonnies, Danish Crown etc. On beef side, we work with Mafrig, Minerva Foods, Tyson and other packers in Uruguay, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. All imported products will be delivered to customers via cold chain transportation, after inspected by CIQ. Though a young company, Hopewise enjoys a good reputation among domestic customers, due to our comprehensive procurement channels and professional service.

    In 2016, Hopewise imported 71,800mt pork, 2,833mt poultry and 12,530mt beef products, ranked as Top 10 among CMP importers. Hopewise implements different sales strategy based on items and sales channels. 50% sales goes to domestic processing plant, main items are fore-end, bone-in belly, bone-in ham, 4D shoulder/ham, fat, shin/shank, chuck and round cuts. 45% products are sold to regional wholesalers, including pork offal and all beef items. The last 5% are consumed by chain restaurants, main products are boneless belly, pork bone, beef flank, straploin and chuck roll.

    Last year, Hopewise also developed two processing plants in Jilin and Shanghai. Jilin plant specializes in reprocessing of import trachea, jowl, diaphragm, head, beef mixed tendons etc. Shanghai plant process import fore-end, bone-in ham, bone-in belly and front hock into traditional Chinese style salt meat products. And it is the biggest salt meat production plant in Shanghai region.

    Besides, we began our consumer packing business in beginning of this year, selling import products to end customers under our own brand “Pales”. Pales develops product lines based on star products, like US Angus beef, US pork, Spanish Iberico pork, Chile salmon and Madagascar Tiger prawn. With these high quality import products, Pales is confident to meet the demand of high income people in first tier cities.

    Hopewise is determined to link the international meat products with domestic demands, being your trustworthy partner in Chinese market.


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