• Europe export market summary -2017 December
    日期: 2018-02-02
          Pig price in Europe decreases in a small range from £155.4/kg to £153.31/kg with weaker demand after Christmas in December. British pig price decreases from Pence151.15/kg to Pence149.88/kg. Denmark pig price decreases from Pence121.62/kg to Pence116.45/kg. Netherland pig price decreases from Pence116.61/kg to Pennce110.26/kg. German pig price decreases from Pence132.66/kg to Pence126.77/kg. Spanish pig price decreases from Pence113.04/kg to Pence114.11/kg. Poland pig price decreases from Pence128.81/kg to Pence124.24/kg. EU pig price decreases from Pence128.92/kg to Pence125.05/kg.

           Slaughter volume in December decreases. Slaughter volume of Germany, Britain and Poland reaches the peak at 50 week and then decreases. The reason is weaker demand compared with before Christmas holiday.

          Considering the seasonal pressure and oversupply in future, pig price in Europe will decline. Based on estimation of AHDB, British production and export volume will increase in 2018.

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